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Unremarkable Vacations has been greenlit on Steam!


Unremarkable Vacations is a role playing fantasy game featuring Robertus and Alistair, two amateur monster hunters. Follow them, while their vacation plans go extremely wrong! Fight your way through over 120 different enemies, many dungeons and crazy situations. Solve puzzles and enter ancient temples and forgotten caves while hunting for the most powerful monsters!

Have a laugh with goofy and fun characters in a lighthearted atmosphere. Hone your team attributes (Precision, Fame, Knowledge and Luck) and discover new areas, paths, loot and quests. There are no dedicated classes for the characters, so you can customize them as you want. Just respect their weapon preferences… they like their weapons!

Estimated Release Date: early Fall 2017


-> Meet with Robertus and Alistair; two friends that never got their relaxation time, but got an adventure, instead! Read their profiles from the Status menu to get to know them better!

-> Travel through villages, towns, mountains, forests, demon-infested places and more!

-> Fun, cynical, lunatic characters for you to interact with. Help them and they will help you in return... maybe.

-> Team Attributes: Perception; to find hidded items and secret places, Fame; for other characters to aknowledge your feats and give you gifts, information and discounts, Knowledge; to teach your team skills and spells, Luck; to... get lucky with loot!

-> Two Legendary weapons for each of your four team members.

-> Hunting Quests for you to fight powerful monsters in hidded dungeons. "Boast!" for a powerful monster version and more loot!

-> No class-locked armor. Every piece of armor is equippable by every character.

-> In-game Achievements! Complete them to acquire more loot, experience and Team Attributes!

-> Random Encounters or Visible on-map encounters? You decide!

-> Take a small quiz at the beginning to start off with extra stats and team attributes... or just randomise the answers for a quick start!

-> Did you forget something on a previous place? Fast travel with the use of teleportation crystals!

Demo Version

06/05/2017: Finetuned some animations and graphics. Added window skins and fonts for the game.

05/05/2017: New and improved Demo! New Icons, Animations, Sounds, Music, Armors, Weapons and Items! A new battle system and battle UI is introduced, as well!

In the demo version of the game, you will be able to experience the first two dungeons of the game plus a hunting quest and its own extra dungeon, as well. Estimated gameplay time for the demo: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The demo version has only one unlockable achievement in the time being.

The full game will be available later this year commercially on itch.io and our site.


Site: www.orfeasgamestudio.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/OrfeasGS

Install instructions

Install normally like any other piece of software.


Unremarkable Vacations - Demo.exe (180 MB)

Development log


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Was this made in RPG Maker MV?

Yes, the game is being developed in RPG Maker MV.