New Demo - Unremarkable Vacations

The new Demo build is here! News, updates and fixes:

New things:

  • Modern and stylized Battle User Interface.
  • Better and smoother animations.
  • States and Damage Over Time (DoT) concept.
  • High quality music and sound effects.
  • Amazing new and unique icons for every item, armor, weapon, skill and spell.
  • New items, armor and weapons.


  • Better music flow.
  • Some balance changes.
  • Better spells and spell damage formula.
  • Better gameover and loading pictures.
  • New windows and fonts! Choose the ones you want to use from the Options.
  • Beter credits - through the title menu.
  • 2 Spelling mistakes in item description.
  • Better battle flow.
  • Two items (Potion and Potion of Regeneration) were not given to the player. Now fixed.
  • Better Team Attributes awarding - now smoother and lagless.


Unremarkable Vacations - Demo.exe (282 MB)
50 days ago

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